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Doug Hubley began writing songs in the late 1960s, inspired by such artists as Gene Clark, Tim Hardin and Neil Young.

But it was clear from the start that whatever musicians Hubley loves to listen to, he writes what he writes and it never sounds quite like anyone else.

His songs have shed new light on familiar country-music topics like trains, booze and love gone wrong, as well as ghosts, torrential rain, authority figures, getting over yourself and staying in love over the decades. Always leading with lyrics, Hubley digs deep emotionally for his songs.

A guitarist and singer, he began performing in the 1970s and has been integral to such electric Maine bands as The Fashion Jungle, The Cowlix, The Boarders and Howling Turbines. While those bands were distinguished for their stylistic range, nowadays on stage Hubley sticks pretty close to traditionalist Americana, performing with Gretchen Schaefer as Day for Night.

Doug Hubley began learning guitar in 1966 and looks forward to completing the job one day. He also plays mandolin and resonator guitar, and used to look like an accordionist. Hubley has worked as a features journalist, college news writer and editor. He exploits digital technology (and vice versa) but carries a torch for analog.

about THE BANDS*



Doug Hubley sings and plays guitar, resonator guitar or mandolin on all tracks listed herein.


With Gretchen Schaefer, singer and guitarist
Format: Acoustic duo emphasizing vocal harmonies
Genre: Americana (i.e., mid-20th-century country music, punctuated with Hubley originals, Gene Clark covers, etc.)
Performances: Blue (Portland, Maine), Cornish Apple Festival, Quill, Porchfest, Depot Street Tavern
Dates: 2004–present
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With Gretchen Schaefer, singer and bassist, and Ken Reynolds, singer and drummer
Format: Electric trio
Genre: Eclectic original rock embellished with covers by Buddy Holly, The Byrds, John Cale, James & Bobby Purify, etc.
Performances: Free Street Taverna (Portland, Maine)
Dates: 1997–2004
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With Gretchen Schaefer, singer and bassist, and Jonathan Nichols-Pethick, drummer
Format: Electric trio
Genre: Eclectic original rock alternating with covers by Leonard Cohen, Tim Hardin, Frank Sinatra, The Kinks, etc.
Performances: Free Street Taverna, Geno’s, Gritty McDuff’s, Brian Boru, Congress Square Festival (all in Portland, Maine)
Dates: 1994–1996
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Performing “Keep on Smiling” with me for the September 2021 Song of the Month, the 1981 FJ was Ken Reynolds, drummer; Jim Sullivan, Farfisa organ; and Mike Piscopo, bass. Instead of Mike and Jim, the 1984 band included Ken, Stephen Chapman, singer and bassist, and Kathren Torraca, keyboardist on the August Song of the Month, “Nothing to Say.”
Format: Electric trio or quartet
Genre: Eclectic original rock
Performances: The Maine Festival (Brunswick and Portland, Maine), Marble Bar, Jim’s Neighborhood Café, Kayo’s, Moose Alley, Squire Morgan’s, The Tree, Geno’s, Zootz (all in Portland, Maine, except as noted)
Dates: 1981–1989
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With Ken Reynolds, drummer; Mike Piscopo, rhythm guitarist (“Let the Singer”), bassist, organist, vocalist; Christine Hanson, vocalist; and Jim Sullivan, fiddler, guitarist, organist, bassist, sax player and singer.
Format: Electric quintet
Genre: Too many to list
Performances: Jim’s Night Club, Friendship III, Yesterday’s, It’s Magic, Downtown Lounge, Old Port Tavern, Casco Bay Lines (all in Portland, Maine); The Cracked Platter, Harrison; The Wagon Wheel, Guilford; Mr. Goodbar, Old Orchard Beach (all in Maine, towns as noted)
Dates: 1978–1981
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*Portland bands that I have played with that aren’t represented here include The Cowlix and The Curley Howard Band. Learn more at Notes From a Basement.




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