about Doug Hubley



Doug Hubley began writing songs in the late 1960s, inspired by such artists as Gene Clark, Tim Hardin and Neil Young.

But it was clear from the start that whatever musicians Hubley loves to listen to, he writes what he writes and it never sounds quite like anyone else.

His songs have shed new light on familiar country-music topics like trains, booze and love gone wrong, as well as ghosts, torrential rain, authority figures, getting over yourself and staying in love over the decades. Always leading with lyrics, Hubley digs deep emotionally for his songs.

A guitarist and singer, he began performing in the 1970s and has been integral to such electric Maine bands as The Fashion Jungle, The Cowlix, The Boarders and Howling Turbines. While those bands were distinguished for their stylistic range, nowadays on stage Hubley sticks pretty close to traditionalist Americana, performing with Gretchen Schaefer as Day for Night.

Doug Hubley began learning guitar in 1969 and looks forward to completing the job one day. He also plays mandolin and resonator guitar, and used to act like an accordionist. Hubley has also worked as a features journalist, college news writer and editor. He exploits digital technology (and vice versa) but carries a torch for analog.

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