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A collection of pages in the clever Songs by Doug Hubley marketing ploy known as Song of the Month!


April: 1,000 Pounds of Rain (alt. recording)performed by The Boarders

March: Breaker’s Remorseperformed by Howling Turbines

February: One Drink Inperformed by Day for Night

January: The Other Meperformed by Day for Night


December: Blue Shadowsperformed by Doug Hubley

November: Slow Poison (alt. recording)performed by The Boarders

October: Mr. Specialperformed by Day for Night

September: You Know How It Isperformed by Doug Hubley (encore presentation)

August: Oh, What A Feeling — performed by Doug Hubley

July: Last Call Waltz — performed by Day for Night

June: The End Of The Affair performed by the Fashion Jungle

May: Let The Singer — performed by the Mirrors

April: Why This Passion performed by Howling Turbines

March: Trouble Trainperformed by the Boarders

February: Where Was I — performed by Day for Night

January: Someplace Elseperformed by Doug Hubley


December: Scary Christmas Polka — performed by The Boarders

November: What The Train Can Do For You  performed by Day for Night

October: You Know How It Is — performed by Doug Hubley  

September: Keep on Smilingperformed by the Fashion Jungle

August: Little Cries performed by the Fashion Jungle

July: Nothing To Sayperformed by the Fashion Jungle

June: Shortwave Radioperformed by the Fashion Jungle

May: The Ceilingperformed by Day for Night

April: Je t’aimeperformed by Howling Turbines

March: You Wore It Wellperformed by Day for Night

February: Don’t Sell The Condoperformed by Doug Hubley / the Fashion Jungle

January: Just A Moment In The Nightperformed by Day for Night


December: Don’t Want No Star On My Christmas Treeperformed by Doug Hubley

November: Thousand Pounds Of Rainperformed by Howling Turbines

October: (Waiting For A) Westbound Trainperformed by Day for Night




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