Now that Dry January is over, we’ll ask a musical question. In a world where it’s recognized that even a little alcohol will hurt you, is there still a place for the nihilistic drinking song?

Well, step aside, “Just One More” and “There Stands the Glass.” Like them a hard-country number, “One Drink In” walks the stepping stones across Booze Brook and into a place where even the mind’s eye, finding pleasure and self-disgust in the same frosty glass, is seeing double. Written in 2020, “One Drink In” was recorded by Day for Night in late January 2023, crowning my months-long effort, even cold sober, to learn to enunciate “The slippery slope is getting slicker.”

Hear “One Drink In” below! Buy it on Bandcamp! (Day for Night: Doug Hubley, guitars, mandolin, lead vocal. Gretchen Schaefer, acoustic guitar, vocal. “One Drink In” copyright © 2021 by Douglas L. Hubley. All rights reserved.)




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