For robins themselves, it’s robin time whenever they want it to be.

But for me, robin time occurs in late spring, specifically around 3 o’clock in the morning. It’s the interlude when night is on the cusp of day and accordingly, I am somewhere between sleep and consciousness — with all that implies about the workings of the mind (hence “Night Logic”).

At some point in my 50s I realized how much I value robins (to the extent that I now wear one on my arm). They are welcome harbingers of spring and as the days grow longer you can’t walk a block without encountering at least one. What speaks to me in particular is the robin’s way of running around looking irritable as it makes its living. Been there!

I carried the unripe idea for this song around for a year until, in April 2024, I noticed anew on a Stan Getz album the title of a song by Benny Carter: “People Time.” That sparked this recording. Its four guitars, accordion and voice can’t say what a robin can say even before it’s had breakfast. But it nevertheless conveys my gratitude for the robin’s music, especially when I hear it in those weird hours before dawn — robin time. — by Doug Hubley

Hear “Robin Time (Night Logic)” below! Buy it on Bandcamp! (“Robin Time (Night Logic)” copyright © 2024 by Douglas L. Hubley. All rights reserved. Photo credits: Above, Jeff Stanton. Below, robin tatoo by Phuc Tran, Tsunami Tatoo, Portland, Maine.)




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