The song dates from 1974, one of my most prolific years. There’s nothing like being unemployed and sponging off your parents to free up time for songwriting.

Forty-eight years later, though, “Oh, What A Feeling” is the sole keeper. Though I was 20 and this has a melodrama suitable to that time of life, it still holds up (so say I, anyway).

I made the 1974 recording in the upstairs hall of the family home, in South Portland, Maine, because it had a nice little natural reverb. But I made this recording in 1978 to submit to a songwriting contest held by WBLM-FM, which at the time still embraced the free-form college-radio aesthetic.

A difference in my songwriting between then and now is that I was much less suspicious of my musical ideas — thinking of possible plagiarism, for example. I could use what came along without needing to see ID and perform background checks. Ignorance isn’t good but it’s not all bad, either. (That being said, “Oh, What A Feeling” is not to be confused with the Everly Brothers song of the same title!)

Hear “Oh, What A Feeling” below! Buy it on Bandcamp! (“Oh, What A Feeling” copyright © 2010 by Douglas L. Hubley. All rights reserved. Banner photo by Canon self-timer.)



Doug with the brand-new Fender Telecaster in 1976. Later I had a black pickguard made for it. Way cool! (Hubley Family photo)



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