I’m a true introvert (which makes musicianship an odd choice of vocation, but there we are). I didn’t fathom the extent to which I am not a people person, though, until I settled into a job that would become my longest employment. The work demanded more sociability than came easily to me, which isn’t much, and it’s a bit of a wonder that I was able to stay there as long as I did.

But I’m grateful to that employer for many things, and helping me come to grips with that fact about myself is one them — especially since it led to this song, which I finished in spring 2016. Day for Night recorded this 2023 performance at the Mountain Man Jamboree, a gathering of friends in North Waterboro, Maine. — Doug Hubley

Hear “Stranger Wherever I Go” below! Buy it on Bandcamp! (Day for Night: Doug Hubley, vocal and mandolin. Gretchen Schaefer, vocal and guitar. Above: Photo by Doug Hubley. Below: A Day for Night selfie in the back of a bus in the morning. “Stranger Wherever I Go” copyright © 2016 by Douglas L. Hubley. All rights reserved.)



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