With musical Christmas froth coming at us from all directions, Song of the Month! takes five minutes to look, instead, at a melancholy side of the holidays.

We understand that loss is integral to life, and so peace must just be made with that fact, art made from it, character built, etc. We grow up hearing this, and maybe even had to come to grips with it early on.

In whatever form it takes, the departure of a loved one hurts in many ways — the unanswered “Why?” can be the worst — and that’s the topic of “Blue Shadows,” written in 2022 and recorded in November.

Hear “Blue Shadows” below! Buy it on Bandcamp! (“Blue Shadows” copyright © 2022 by Douglas L. Hubley. All rights reserved. Photo above: Saugus and Randolph streets, Portland, Maine, photographed by Doug Hubley. Below: Doug Hubley in a photo by Gretchen Schaefer. NOTE: This recording uses sound posted under the Creative Commons 0 License by DBlover on the Freesound website:



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