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First posted as the Song of the Month! for December 2022, “Blue Shadows” certainly qualifies as a Yuletide number — although, as a song about people exiting relationships with neither warning nor explanation, it may serve better to end, rather than launch, your holiday party.

In fact, that melancholy theme may suit January better than December. Where the Christmas season is supposed to provide various anesthetics against the realities of life, January is just the opposite, complete with hard light, bare branches, cold dry air, broken resolutions and other symbols of harsh truth. (Not to mention snow, something central to the song but hard to come by along Maine’s south coast in recent Decembers.)

And by the way, Happy New Year!

Hear “Blue Shadows” below! Buy it on Bandcamp! (“Blue Shadows” copyright © 2022 by Douglas L. Hubley. All rights reserved. Photo above: Saugus and Randolph streets, Portland, Maine, photographed by Doug Hubley. Below: Doug Hubley, with mitten, and Gretchen Schaefer. NOTE: This recording uses sound posted under the Creative Commons 0 License by DBlover on the Freesound website:



Gretchen Schaefer and Doug Hubley pose for a winter selfie.



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